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Hey!Say!JUMP- FanWorks
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3rd-Jan-2012 10:23 pm - Am I a smurfan?!


Does everybody has saw "The Smurfs" already? If not, don't hesitate to watch it! 
I saw it treble already! xD

It's YamaChii fault!!! > o < Thanks to them! 

I like things with smurfs~ Of course of Brainy (Nerdy) & Clumpsy.. *^^*
I was so sad then I got to know that there is no more smurfs as extra in "Happy meal" in Mc'Donald... ん~But my friend's sister had one (Gutsy smurf) キャッ☆

La la la-la la la, Sing a HAPPY song...~ Collapse )

3rd-Jan-2012 06:58 pm - Yama-chan FanMade Notebook ^ u ^

Long time no see!!!

Today I just thought.."Wah.. It's really long time since I don't use journal.." and "I should back!". That's why I'm here! 
And I back with my new graphic & new idea~ xD

So I want to share my edited Yamada notebook~

Something is wrong with my printer..So I'm sure your made would look better! ^ u ^

click here for download... ^ ^Collapse )

Hello everybody~ So long time no posting here! Gomen, minna > <
It's already 8 days (not including weekends) as I'm not going to school because I have catch a cold.. Actually now I'm fine, so don't worry ne~ Just my doctor said to stay in home for a while..and I'll back to school day after tomorrow ahh.... > < Don't want to! Don't want to!

It's also passed some time as I watched any drama, edited or drew ne... So today I practiced my drawing...
Also I have been at doctor today, and near was shopping mall so I want to buy shoes because I needed new ones for autumn. Actually I was looking for something like this:

But there I can't find something like this~ So I bought these ones:

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11th-Sep-2011 10:32 am - My Yamada Ryosuke chibi plush

Hello everybody~ Even in the spring I was thinking to sew Yamada chibi plush for myself. And I did it just in the end of summer ;D
I wanted it to be like Yamada from Yoku asobi Yoku manabe performance

I really enjoyed to make it~  Also I did a tutorial for this ( you can find it here)

Today I'll go to some Japanese show in Sugihara house. ^ ^ Maybe I'll update my journal in the evening or maybe not~ ^ ^; Bye bye!

So this is my 2nd post~

(credits on the photo)

So this tell us that Hey!Say!JUMP will perform "Magic Power" in Music Station on September 16th, yes? And it says that there will be just 9 of them. If there would be wroten 10 I would be so SO SO SO.......HAPPY. But don't know how to feel right now. I don't know to be happy for other members as fan or not. And of course that I support other members. But just I'm fan of 10 not 9. And it's first time when JUMP makes me cry since 2008 when I became their fan. And it's not their fault, I know it. I just want they to become 10 again. And I wonder how do they feel? Without Ryuu...They all was really close and now all photo shots, PV shot, SUMMARY is without him. It must hard to them. And it makes me hurt.

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24th-Aug-2011 10:41 pm - 7 wallpapers
Hello~ ^ ^ It passed some time since I edited my last graphic.. And because my summer holiday going to end next week which mean that I won't have so much free time for editing today I edited few wallpapers.
I'll make other most about some other things...so..

1- 9 of JUMP (9 JUMP members)
1- Hey!Say!JUMP
1-Ryutaro Morimoto
1-Daiki Arioka
1- Yamada ryosuke
1-Chinen Yuri

find it here! ^ o ^Collapse )
20th-Aug-2011 02:18 pm(no subject)

Hello~ I just want to share my 2nd fanfic. The genre is different from previous, and I want to make this one a
bit funny. I'm really doing my best in English, but I still do many mistakes. I confused with times using. (Like where to use Present Simple, Present Perfect and etc.). So don't read it if you're "English master" because my mistakes will stick your eyes ;D. And I'm sorry for that... Hope you'll like it anyway..

Author: Me- Shii-chan
Cast: Yamada Ryosuke/Chinen Yuri/OC – Miyazaki Ryoko/OC- Sakamoto Asami
Genre: Romance, school life, comedy
Summary: Ryosuke and Ryoko are the most popular student in their class. They would be gret couple, right? But no, they hate each other. Does their best friends will “help” them to make that hate feeling reverse?

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I don't know how to call it.. I just wrote my comments on some of Ikemen Desu ne screencaps. ^ ^
Just want to share it with my LJ friends~ ^ ^

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Click on the photos to see bigger images~

It was just what I though while watched these screencaps.^ ^'


17th-Aug-2011 10:48 pm - Chibi Yamada & Chinen wallpapers

 Hello~ So today was my 2nd time trying to draw with computer ^__^; This time I tried to draw Yamada & Chinen in chibi style.. I made some wallpapers of it..
Three wallpapers (for each Yamada, Chinen & YamaChii) is edited in same style, just with different effects & colors. So there is 2 wallpaper of different colour & effects with chibi Yamada, 2 with chibi Chinen and 6 of chibi YamaChii.


CHIBI Yama-chan

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 Comment if taking, please~ ^ ^

Also, visit my blog & suppost me there too~ FanWorks With Love

16th-Aug-2011 12:13 pm - Hello~

It's still summer holiday here, and guess what I'm doing? You don't know? The answer is NOTHING special =.= Just sitting at my pc, dancing, singing, doing some nonsense and that's all... Boring~

Yesterday I was shopping~ I needed some things for school like backpack, pencil case, skirt.. And I found just backpack and I didn't bought even it ^ ^; But I have bought a neck ribbon which used in Japanese girls school uniforms. ^ ^
Mine looks like this ^ ^
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