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Hey!Say!JUMP- FanWorks

Hi Hi Hi my friend~~
I'm Greta but you can call me Shii-chan ^^
I live in Lithuania, many people don't know this country so i can say that Lithuania is small country in Europe near Russia :)
I'm 15 years old now...born at 1996 years..
I'm at Hey!Say!JUMP fandom for 2 years. ^^
Hey!Say!JUMP is my favourite band! I love them!!~
No JUMP no life ne~ ^__^
My ichiban in HSJ is cute and cool Yama-chan,
niban Chii-kun
sometimes i'm confused about Yama-chan and Yuri but Yama-chan is my love in first sight...so I always choose him as ichiban :))
my sanban is Yuto and goban are all other HSJ members <3
Hey!Say!JUMP makes my life interesting and happy!!!~ ^^